Broadband Expansion

Comcast is investing to expand broadband service to over 34,000 additional homes in Wayzata, Rogers, Dayton, Chanhassen, Corcoran, Cologne, Stillwater Township, Nowthen, Paola/Hillsdale, Spring Hill and Grain Valley. Residents will have access to the full suite of broadband, video, voice, home management, and business products and services. Comcast has invested over $547.5 million in technology and infrastructure investments in the Twin Cities, Kansas and Missouri over the past three years, including investments in the company’s network.

This is just the latest step in Comcast’s Midwest Region’s expansion, which has brought a whole range of possibilities to not only Wayzata, Paola/Hillsdale, Spring Hill and Grain Valley, but also places like Dayton and Cologne.  And with funding support from the State of Minnesota’s Border to Border Broadband program, Comcast will expand further into Rogers, Washington County (such as Stillwater Township), Nowthen and Corcoran.

Click on the broadband expansion project below for updates on our construction process, FAQs and product information. We want to ensure everyone is well-informed, so please review the entire webpage, which includes: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions and Construction Updates and Activity.

Chanhassen, Minnesota

Cologne, Minnesota

Corcoran, Minnesota

Dayton, Minnesota

Grain Valley, Missouri

Hillsdale / Paola, Kansas

Hugo, Minnesota

Johnson County, Kansas

Nowthen, Minnesota

Rogers, Minnesota

Stillwater Township, Minnesota

Spring Hill, Kansas

Wayzata, Minnesota

Having a fast, reliable connection in your home and at your business is essential. Comcast delivers the best in Internet, TV, Voice, Mobile, Home Management and Business Solutions all working together to  connect you to the experiences that matter most – anywhere, anytime. Visit the Xfinity YouTube Page for “How To’s” and Products or, click on the images below for a summary of the products and services that will be available in your area following completion of the network expansion, and information about additional network investments in the Twin Cities, Kansas and Missouri.

As connectivity becomes ever more important, Comcast is working hard to build and evolve a smart, reliable network that delivers fast Internet speeds for customers to browse, video conference, stream and game. For years, Comcast has made strategic investments in building capacity not just to meat our customers current needs, but to stay well ahead of future demand. Connectivity is the center of our customer’s lives, so we’ve built a network that combines gig speeds with wall-to-wall WiFi, and millions of hotspots to provide the speed, coverage and control customer’s need, wherever they go. 

Comcast’s public WiFi network is the largest of its kind in the nation, and three times larger than that of any provider. To find WiFi Hotspots click here