Helping Minnesota Immigrants Thrive with Technology

Arrive Ministries staff smiles in front of 100 laptops donated by Comcast.

Recently, Comcast provided 100 laptops to Arrive Ministries when they heard they had a waitlist of 50 new immigrants who were signed up for their Technology Empowerment program.

Arrive MInistries meets with Comcast to share 2024 Programming
Arrive Ministries meets with Comcast to discuss 2024 goals and partnership opportunities.

“It’s very timely with the large number of arrivals we are experiencing. We have many single moms who can’t leave their homes to learn English. This digital access will help all of our new neighbors feel connected in their new homeland.”

-Ruth LePage, Reception and Placement Program Manager

Arrive Ministries’ Technology Empowerment program is focused on providing technology essentials to newly-arriving refugees and closing the digital divide as they navigate in the U.S. Everything from paying rent, to applying for a job, or communicating with a child’s school, requires technology.

The expansion of their programming is a result of Arrive Ministries receiving a Broadband Expansion grant of $100,000 from Hennepin County in May 2023 in partnership with the city of Richfield and Comcast.

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