Comcast Employees Dive in to Raise Over $16,000 for Special Olympics

Polar Plunge participants from Comcast Midwest Region pose for a photo before their big jump

The 17th annual Minneapolis Polar Plunge hosted by Special Olympics Minnesota was held on Saturday, March 2, 2024 at Lake Nokomis Beach. Though temperatures were warmer than usual, Comcast employees proudly lined up to take the plunge for a cause they believe in.

Comcast’s MyAbilities Employee Resource Group (ERG) returned for their 5th year and this year’s team grew with an additional 35 members from last year’s roster. Returning employees were excited to bring their loved ones to join in on the meaningful event.

Comcast Midwest Polar Plunge participants stand on the dock right before they jump.

“The MyAbilities ERG has been partnering with Special Olympics Minnesota for several years, volunteering at events in support of athletes and fundraising through events like Polar Plunge. Seeing the joy on the athlete’s faces as they compete and getting to share the importance of Special Olympics Minnesota’s mission and acceptance and inclusion with my kids, including my daughter, Sophia, who plunged with me this year, makes the chill 100% worth it. “

Robert Stanberry, Manager of Customer Experience and Events lead for myAbilities ERG

In addition to the Polar Plunge, MyAbilities ERG also volunteers each summer at the Special Olympics Minnesota Summer Games. “The experience of working with the athletes is one of the reasons why the Polar Plunge participation has grown each year,” said Jake Eull, Supervisor of Tactical Retention and Co-Lead of MyAbilities ERG Midwest Region.

Jason Martin, dressed as Cousin Eddie poses with the Polar Plunge Mascot before his jump
Participants like Jason Martin dressed as “Cousin Eddie” from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation to make the experience fun.

To learn more about how you can support Special Olympics Minnesota, click here.

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