Comcast Business Powers Pints & Paddle’s Unique Entertainment Experience

Pints and Paddles Storefront Photo

Comcast Business today announced that it is providing Pints & Paddle, a novel family entertainment center featuring an indoor sports bar and pickleball courts, with advanced technology solutions, including Comcast Business Ethernet Dedicated Internet (EDI), Comcast Business VoiceEdge™ and Comcast Business Public Viewing TV. These technologies fortify Pints & Paddle’s innovative and highly tech-dependent operations, allowing its customers to enjoy self-serve facilities and a rich array of entertainment options with convenience and reliability.

Pints and Paddles inside TV area.

Pints & Paddle is a family-owned, multifaceted entertainment venue located in Maple Grove, offering 10 indoor pickleball courts and a vibrant sports bar with more than 70 taps, live music and gourmet food. Recently opened in September 2023 by co-owners Tim and Tammy Skaja, their children as well as Eric and Christy Mesenburg, the venue is a testament to innovative leisure experiences, blending physical activity with top-notch hospitality and attracting guests from all over the world. The business aims to be a community cornerstone that offers an exciting and comfortable experience for every type of visitor, whether it’s a family outing, a gathering of working professionals, or a national pickleball tournament.

Pints & Paddle customers are in control of their experiences from the moment they walk in the door – after connecting to WiFi, guests can place orders from their phones, manage and cash out their bills, as well as pour their own drinks directly at the taps. With every facet of Pints & Paddle’s offerings being technology-driven, from self-serve payments to customer data capture for Wi-Fi access, the need for reliable and efficient technology solutions was paramount to help keep operations running smoothly. Comcast Business emerged as the optimal decision due to its reliability, high-quality technology solutions and customer support, as well as an existing relationship with the owners of Pints & Paddle, who have leveraged the company’s solutions in other establishments.

“Pints & Paddle offers a fresh and unique approach to entertainment, combining sports, gourmet dining and self-serve convenience in a high-tech environment,” said Tim Skaja, co-owner of Pints & Paddle. “With Comcast Business’s suite of solutions, we are able to not just create an inviting space but also drive the growth of the local Maple Grove community and the pickleball industry.”

Pints & Paddle leverages Comcast’s EDI to support its self-serve offerings and capture customer analytics when they connect to the WiFi network. The business’ Comcast Business VoiceEdge solutions help its staff communicate with customers and better manage call volumes. And, Comcast Business Public Viewing TV enhances the ambience, providing patrons with engaging visual content of their favorite sports teams.

The seamless integration of these solutions means that Pints & Paddle can accommodate hundreds of people connected to guest Wi-Fi, placing orders and streaming videos, while also offering top-notch television services and a sophisticated telephone system that facilitates efficient communication and bookings.

“In our ever-connected world, the reliability of technology solutions continues to be a necessity to ensuring high-quality customer experiences and worry-free business operations,” said Wolfgang Lewis, regional vice president for Comcast’s Midwest Region. “We are thrilled to support Pints & Paddle in redefining entertainment experiences through innovative solutions that enhance connectivity and customer interaction.”

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