Twin Cities Moms Discuss Managing Screen Time and Navigating a New Territory for Parenting

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In today’s world of non-stop connectivity, many parents are struggling with how best to support and deal with their children’s online schooling, while at the same time working remotely from home and effectively managing everyone’s screen time. It feels, at times, like an impossible task.

Comcast recently partnered with Twin Cities Mom Collective to hold a lively, engaging conversation on these critical challenges, especially during the on-going COVID-19 pandemic.

Nearly a dozen mommy bloggers and online influencers participated in the 90-minute virtual discussion, which included an interactive demonstration of Comcast’s xFi platform. As connectivity becomes the center of the digital home, xFi is redefining what people can expect from broadband with an internet experience that combines gigabit speeds, the best WiFi coverage, and an easy-to-use digital dashboard for managing screen time in the home.

Nearly all the moms who attended the presentation are Comcast customers, yet few were familiar with the xFi experience. Bert Anderson, author of the mommy blog, Me Before Mom, was surprised by all the platform had to offer.

“After listening to the virtual conference and hearing all that xFi can do, honestly, I do not know why I never knew about this app. This is a game changer! I really appreciate being able to turn the WiFi or network off on specific devices, like the school-issued Chromebook that my kids have; I can turn off other devices during school hours so they can focus on their tasks.”

Bert also discussed how xFi is helping manage content for her children.

“I have this love/hate relationship with YouTube. I love some of their channels, but there is a lot of junk that is simply not watchable. Since I don’t have time to constantly baby-sit them, xFi helps me restrict access to content as appropriate. I think it’s possibly one of its best features.”

Kayvona B. of The Posh Mama blog was impressed by the scheduling flexibility built into the xFi platform for everyone in the family, parents and kids alike.

“With xFi, I can create a profile with each child and their specific device. During the summer, I have been allowing my girls time on their iPads after lunch, using the xFi app to set a specific end time. I can also check how much usage we have had, including myself; we sometimes get lost in Facebook or watching YouTube and it’s a great reminder to put the down devices and get outside.”

While managing usage time is important to families, the security features of xFi also impressed Kayvona.

“Kids love to click on everything, not knowing the possible dangers of what a single search might do. It’s good to know xFi continually protects your devices from online threats without having to do anything on my part. In fact, I recently had two potential threats blocked in the same week.”

Megan Molitor, a contributor to Twin Cities Mom Collective, was impressed by the way each mom who attended the event had the same feelings of helplessness and frustration when it comes to navigating screen time usage.

“The best thing I heard within this discussion – and something I so needed to hear – was that no matter what, we, as moms, are navigating a new territory of parenting that no one has ever navigated before. Never. Ever. Ever. No one.

“We are teaching, working, living, adapting and doing the absolute best we can. No one has been through what we’re all going through right now. So despite what your family rules look like, just know you are doing an incredible job!”

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