Comcast Hosts “Black In Space: Breaking The Color Barrier” Screening in the Twin Cities

Blacks In Space Screening poster.

Comcast and Smithsonian Channel recently partnered to present a private screening of the film, “Black In Space: Breaking The Color Barrier.” The historic race to space between the United States and former Soviet Union may be long over, but buried in time is the unsung story of the world’s first black astronauts.

For many Americans, the 20th century Space Race was a Cold War competition over rocketry and technological wonders, but the world’s two superpowers were also engaged in another high-stakes race – one whose impact is still being felt today.

“Black In Space: Breaking The Color Barrier” examines the crucial moment when America’s history of racial prejudice became a critical vulnerability in the effort to win hearts and minds around the globe. Confronting a Soviet foe determined to show that communism was the face of the future, the U.S. would need a new generation of astronauts.

More than 100 community leaders attended a special screening of the film, held February 12 at the University of Minnesota’s Bell Museum. A question-and-answer session followed the showing, with WCCO-TV’s Reg Chapman welcoming the film’s producer-director, Laurens Grant. See a recap of the event here.

“Black In Space: Breaking the Color Barrier” is now showing on Smithsonian Channel; check your local listings for times and channel.

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