City of Peculiar Embraces a Connected Future with Comcast Business

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Comcast today announced the City of Peculiar, Missouri has selected Comcast Business to enhance its broadband connectivity to help optimize government service operations and better serve its citizens.

Comcast Business will equip all City of Peculiar buildings and facilities with vital unified communications infrastructure, specifically point-to-point fiber connectivity, Wide Area Network (WAN) and scalable Internet Access, allowing data to be delivered at up to 10 Gigabits/second.

This new agreement will enable the City of Peculiar to become one of the first “Smart Cities” in Missouri utilizing Comcast technology, providing city staff with tools to help monitor key infrastructure, maximize efficiency and reduce unnecessary expenses. In addition, the city can dynamically scale communications capacity as municipal operations grow and usage demands increase.

The City of Peculiar will employ Comcast Business Ethernet Network Service, a reliable, cost effective alternative to traditional network technologies that is ideal for organizations utilizing high data volumes. City staff will have network visibility, so its mission-critical applications are operating smoothly.

“Serving Peculiar residents to the best of our ability today — and tomorrow — is our top priority,” said Brad Ratliff, City of Peculiar City Administrator. “Our partnership with Comcast Business is another step towards that goal. This upgraded communications technology increases our ability to meet the needs of Peculiar residents today, and prepares our city for a vibrant, growing future by attracting new businesses and enhancing economic growth.”

“We look forward to working side-by-side with the City of Peculiar to deliver world class internet service technologies,” said Kalyn Hove, Vice President, Comcast Business. “Aided by these customized solutions, city leaders can leverage innovative technologies to help improve processes and operations for residents.”

Municipal governments across America face mounting operational challenges to develop or maintain a modern IT infrastructure that enables successful operations, constituent services and government transparency. Partnering with innovative service providers who can customize and scale solutions can assist with efficient and effective service delivery.

For more information on the innovative products and services offered by Comcast Business, call 866-429-3085, or follow on Twitter @ComcastBusiness and other social media networks at

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