Mom Enough and Comcast Talk Digital Equity and Managing Screen Time

As the world continues to navigate the challenges and demands of the global pandemic, internet access has become an even more critical component of our daily lives, helping us learn, work and connect in entirely new ways. With that, the challenges of connecting to the internet are very real for many households, with families everywhere continuing to struggle with managing screen time as well.

Comcast recently partnered with Mom Enough co-hosts Marti Erickson and Erin Erickson to discuss these complex issues facing parents and kids through a series of engaging interviews.

The need to connect to the internet for school and work continues to grow, and there are unfortunately many families who cannot afford internet at home. Comcast is working hard to connect these families and provide them with the online tools they need.

In, “Wired For Success,” Mom Enough talks with Comcast director of Community Impact, Stacey Nelson Kumar, on the importance of digital equity, removing barriers to internet access, and the company’s Internet Essentials program, which helps bridge the divide between those who have internet access and those who do not. You can watch the interview HERE.

Erin Erickson, Jill Hornbacher and Marti Erickson discuss the challenges of managing screen time in the home.

In addition to reliable internet access at home, managing screen time can be a real challenge for families today. Children might be moving between personal and school devices, as well as juggling class time and personal time. It can be difficult to keep track of whether they are “in” school or playing on their devices.

Comcast has developed intuitive and helpful technology to make it easy for parents to manage their children’s screen time through a variety of innovative resources. Jill Hornbacher, director of External Communications in the Twin Cities, talked with Marti and Erin about the impact of the pandemic on screen time usage, why it can be so difficult to stay on top of a family’s internet use and the available tools to help parents meet the challenges at home. You can watch the interview HERE.

To learn more about Internet Essentials and Comcast’s commitment to bridging the digital divide, visit For details on managing household screen time and the many ways Comcast is working to keep your family safe, click HERE.

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